Monday, April 26, 2010

A colorful explosion in a box!

happy mail day!
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I received this amazing package of goodies from the wonderful FuzzyStuffies aka TheFruitySalad this past weekend! After a few crappy days involving a personal matter, this really wonderful package made my whole weekend a lot brighter and less gray!
The amigurumi's are handmade, the deer (Lou - named that way because he's blue and looks like he could be deery lou's brother) was made for me as a RAK and the little octupus (whom we now call Octavia :) was sent along for my boyfriend! Aren't they SO well made? Lou can even stand on his own :D Everything is totally tailored to my likes and receiving packages like this reminds me why I love Swap Bot so much! Through it I've met many wonderful people like Olivia! Thank you again my dear! Big hugs!!

Oh and if you like that little box pouch which is also handmade (and sent to me for a Tag at swapbot) check out her Etsy store LittleWhimseys :D

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sammybongo said...

So cute and bright lucky you.

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