Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Matchbox drawer fame!

Thanks so much Tarah for telling me that my kawaii matchbox drawer was mentioned in the Swap-bot blog! I also read that blog but hadn't noticed it.

Anyway, that was my first matchbox drawer and I have only made one more since then. It's hard to get them really good and sturdy. But they sure do look cute! Do you guys make them?


Kitty Darkness Designs said...

yay! it was really fun seeing your name and work mentioned there! I was like, Emasn?? hey I know her :D haha! I actually only made 1 matchbox drawer myself. i'm thinking about joining the swap mentioned by Rachel. Is anyone else here gonna join?

Lisa said...

We have a celebrity in our midst! Congrats, Em :) I've never made matchbox drawers--I think because I always thought they would be a bit harder to store or display than the individual matchboxes.

Ceinwyn / Ingrid said...

Oh wow, congrats ! But quite frankly, those matchbox drawers really looked adorable, so I'm not surprised it's getting some more well deserved attention :o)

I never tried making drawers neither. I think I need to give them a try before entering a formal swap. If I succeed, you'll see the result firsthand on flickr.

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